Enabling Business Users to Refresh Cubes/Data Warehouse or Run ETL Jobs via SSRS

So you’ve spent weeks or months building a data platform and pipeline and then the finance team wants to manually refresh data because its month or year end. If your refresh jobs live in SQL Server Agent, then you’re in a pickle because you don’t want to grant them permissions on a production SQL instance or have them install SQL Management […]

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Achievement Unlocked! Microsoft Gold Data Platform Competency

I am over the moon to announce our achievement of the Microsoft Gold Data Platform competency. The Data Platform competency recognizes Microsoft partners that are looking to design and develop powerful and versatile database platforms for their clients businesses.

The last 12 months at Sierra Systems has been nothing short of a Data and AI revolution. Along with our achievement of the […]

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Implementing Microsoft SharePoint and SQL Server performance tuning – Faster is better!

The problem

Users were complaining of slow performance when browsing SharePoint sites, as well as editing and uploading documents hosted within the SharePoint environment, it was just too slow. The time taken opening a document (250-600kb) from within a SharePoint site, editing that document, saving it back to SharePoint was taking 25-30 seconds which is a long time to sit there and […]

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