How to deploy Windows 10 utilizing Office 365

Join Sierra Systems on Thursday, February 8th for a complimentary webinar which will teach you how to deploy Windows 10 utilizing Microsoft 365!

Microsoft 365 is the platform that brings together Office 365, Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility Security to enable the modern workplace. Fast and cost-effective deployment of the Microsoft 365 Applications and Windows 10 operating system is at the center […]

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A First Look at Microsoft Dynamics 365 – Month End/Reporting

Technology is quickly transforming our daily work routines with useful apps and services that are easy to work with, and that deliver helpful assistance improving our lives. Business systems are rapidly undergoing a transformation as a result of this technology. These changes will impact business users and accounting professionals for the next decade.

A first look at Microsoft Dynamics 365 Operations for […]

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Driving User Adoption of Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365: It’s different! The way you use it is different… the way you train end users on it is different! Office 365 is not an individual application. Driving user adoption of Office 365 involves using integrated applications to achieve a result. 

Why are so many end users and their companies having issues with adopting Office 365? […]

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Azure and Office 365 now LIVE, in Canada!

Today marks a great step forward for Microsoft clients and users within Canada. You can now store data in Azure within our Canadian boarder and make use of Azure cloud services directly from within Canada.

Takeshi Numoto, CVP, Cloud and Enterprise, Microsoft stated today, “Microsoft Azure is generally available from local datacenter regions located in Toronto and Quebec City, Office […]

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Webinar: How to build and implement Hybrid Information Governance with Microsoft SharePoint

Where is the right place for information?

In today’s fast paced business, multiple information stores and hybrid environments are becoming standard for IT organizations to manage. Cloud technology options are becoming more and more mainstream and IT businesses who are not defining how this new emerging technology should be used will find themselves trying to catch up with business users will have […]

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Webinar: Integrating Office 365 and Windows Azure

Building your Hybrid Integration Platform

Hybrid environments are now the norm as IT organizations aim to leverage their cloud licensing investment to expand their internal application and infrastructure landscape beyond the four walls of the internal data centre. New integration scenarios are surfacing every month as developers look at ways to perform content synchronization between the SaaS applications like SharePoint and OneDrive […]

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