Motivate Your Methodology

Are your stakeholder interactions important enough for you to notice?

Sierra has a history of delivering projects and services at the regional, jurisdictional and federal level. As your problem-space increases, you may experience a challenge to identify how big your problem-space is and how it affects the people you support. As a system owner or business leader, we can support you to […]


PowerApps, Flow and CDS – What Happens if they Work Together

You have heard about PowerApps, you know about Flow and CDS. But have you seen them work together? In this session we will take you through a common business scenario and show you how PowerApps and Flow work together with D365FO to update Fixed Asset records in D365FO and send out a notification to those involved. We will also show and […]


Dynamics 365 for Talent – True SaaS HCM Apps

Today’s employees are demanding a more personalized approach to how their HR experiences empower them to contribute more and be better employees for their own success and the success of their organization. Today’s HR professionals are demanding the focus to shift to a more strategic than a transactional role.

Dynamics 365 for Talent helps HR and employees achieve this cultural shift by […]


10 Power BI Report Visualization Best Practices

Power BI is a powerful analytics and data visualization tool that you can use to communicate insights and highlight your business’ problems and successes using your data.  It can provide the 10,000-foot level view on your business, or dig deep into the weeds to see what is going on with individual transactions. Before I jump right in, be sure to check […]


How to deploy Windows 10 utilizing Office 365

Join Sierra Systems on Thursday, February 8th for a complimentary webinar which will teach you how to deploy Windows 10 utilizing Microsoft 365!

Microsoft 365 is the platform that brings together Office 365, Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility Security to enable the modern workplace. Fast and cost-effective deployment of the Microsoft 365 Applications and Windows 10 operating system is at the center […]

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Innovation Snake Pit

Sierra Systems has been involved in many transformative and exciting technological innovations throughout 2017, all of them helping to make the world a better place. We invite you to join the inaugural Innovation Snake Pit and cast your vote for the Sierra Systems Innovation of the Year 2017.

Join Paul Twigg, Piers Hollott, Cory Frandsen and Michelle O’Keefe on December 14th as […]


Power BI Insights at your Fingertips

Do you want to learn how to transform raw data into meaningful insights at the touch of a button? Whether your data insights require straightforward or complex data-sets, Microsoft’s Power BI tool will help you better customize data to reflect your business needs, offering insights at a high level or at a deep, granular level.

If you want to learn how you […]


A First Look at Microsoft Dynamics 365 – Month End/Reporting

Technology is quickly transforming our daily work routines with useful apps and services that are easy to work with, and that deliver helpful assistance improving our lives. Business systems are rapidly undergoing a transformation as a result of this technology. These changes will impact business users and accounting professionals for the next decade.

A first look at Microsoft Dynamics 365 Operations for […]

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Securing Your Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

Businesses are at risk of being exposed to unanticipated information security risks as they move to the cloud. Examples of these are: employees having access to the data in the company’s cloud services after leaving the company; destruction of data or cloud infrastructure in the cloud service without a fast way to recover it; IoT and devices transferring large amounts of […]

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Red Hat OpenShift: Scaling your DevOps Environment

Are you continuously deploying solutions with a goal of zero interruption to service? Are you required to make changes to service within hours instead of days with less risk, less resources and less cost? Have you adopted an Agile development lifecycle and need to meet security and privacy compliance? OpenShift is a platform that can help your IT organization fulfill these […]

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