RWD: Don’t shoehorn… Bootstrap

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is an web design pattern you will come across, also sometimes referred to as Adaptive Design or Media Query, very closely aligned with an approach called Mobile First. With all of these patterns, a web application employs stylesheets and/or Javascript code to adapt to media specific details like screen resolution, as an alternative to creating different sub-sites […]

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Purple is the New Red

It has been a long time now since Apple removed the colors from their logo ; however, when I startup my Nexus tablet, my Microsoft Windows laptop, I’m seeing a lot of red, yellow and green. Blue too. I regularly use Oracle databases , XML Spy , and the CAM Editor too, and tools which distill PDF documents […]

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Good user interface to create good user experience

One of the biggest misconceptions about User Experience(UX) design that I face with my job is that a good User Interface (UI) design will create a good user experience. People often assume good UX is the result of good UI design, including many web design companies that claim they have UX expertise, when in reality they only have good UI designers.

At […]

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