Webinar: All About Web Application Development from A to Z

A guide through the technology path of web application development

Are you a web application developer or just excited about web technologies? Effective modern web development is fun, and it requires a good understanding of a lot of technologies and terminology. How do you separate the current fad from the language of the future?

Our panel Sierra Systems experts guide you through the […]

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Implementing Microsoft SharePoint and SQL Server performance tuning – Faster is better!

The problem

Users were complaining of slow performance when browsing SharePoint sites, as well as editing and uploading documents hosted within the SharePoint environment, it was just too slow. The time taken opening a document (250-600kb) from within a SharePoint site, editing that document, saving it back to SharePoint was taking 25-30 seconds which is a long time to sit there and […]

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Smart Adaptation with JSON

By my reckoning, I built my first XSL transformation in the early ‘oughts, sometime around the year 2000. That’s about 15 years ago; and I can guarantee that I was transforming XML into HTML. Since then, I’ve built transforms from XML into XHTML, DocBook XML, HL7v3 XML, DITA XML… more often than not, from one flavour of XML to another. Recently […]

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Critical Markdown

“Critical Beatdown” is the name of the 1988 debut from bronx hip-hop group the Ultramagnetic MCs. A year later, Tim Berners-Lee proposed an internet-based “hypertext protocol” and “markup language” for document-sharing at CERN, and the rest is history as the Worldwide Web was born. Because early web browsers supported a feature called “View Page Source”, users learned […]

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User Centric Identity: The Enabler

In today’s world your identity is handed around behind the scenes within governments, credit agencies and within various marketing databases often without your knowledge.

I, amongst many voices in the identity and privacy community, promote user centric identity management. That is, users are given visibility and control of their personal information through the use of tools and processes enabling them to control […]

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Componentization of the Web

Componentization of the Web is an important idea that gained a lot of growth in 2013, and will continue to do so in 2014, in large part due to the success of JavaScript polyfill frameworks like AngularJS and Polymer. In short, the World Wide Web is built using a predefined set of components tags in HTML, each with its own behaviour; […]

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This Month in IT Technical Standards: October

OASIS has just opened a 15 day Public Review period for the Request / Response Interface using JSON/HTTP for XACML (extensible access control markup language), profiling a standardized interface between policy enforcement points and policy decision points using JSON. This is important because JSON is increasing in a adoption as a viable option for a variety of purposes as an alternative […]

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This Month in IT Technical Standards: September

September came and went and brought with it several industry events, including the 27th annual HL7 Plenary WGM in Cambridge, Ma, and the 3rd NIEM Virtual Town Hall. I cannot currently connect to much of the NIEM material because of the government shutdown, but suffice it to say that the NIEM Town Hall discussed upcoming plans with NIEM 3.0, use of […]

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