Top 8 Most Frequently Asked Questions for the SharePoint Framework ( SPFx)

When it comes to adapting to the latest technologies, it is important to have a fundamental understanding of the application stack. The SharePoint Framework is loaded with a mix of robust features that can create a lot of value when developed with your business process and user experience needs in mind. To help you get familiar with SPFx and better understand […]

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Building Next Generation Sites Using the SharePoint Framework – Part 2

In this webinar, we will deep dive into some of the more compelling advanced scenarios of the SharePoint Framework (SPFx) such as how SPFx can work with Add-Ins to help you implement advanced integration scenarios from the user interface. In our previous webinar, last month, we presented some of the basics of SPFx like modern design patterns and deployment best practices […]

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Building Next Generation SharePoint Sites Using the SharePoint Framework

Are you looking forward to getting rich re-usable web parts created in Office 365 and SharePoint 2016? We would like to welcome the introduction of Microsoft’s recently released SharePoint Framework, the new development model for creating UI components for SharePoint in the cloud and on-premise. It provides many of the capabilities that developers were familiar with in Full Trust Solutions but […]

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Microsoft BI suite for Business Analytics Portals

The Microsoft BI suite provides a range of reporting and data visualization solutions to enable self-service data driven decision making for your organization.

Power BI portals cloud service provides a simple modern experience for your business users to access rich interactive reports and access your critical business data from the web portal or from mobile applications. The Power BI gateway has connectors […]

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Next-gen mobile cloud-ready portals with secure self-service

SharePoint Intranets to deliver Employee Content and Collaboration Portals

Microsoft SharePoint is a strategic investment for many organizations in the digital workplace. For most, the primary goal of that investment is effective collaboration and document management, yet companies are still expected to meet the unique needs of each user, including clients, staff, and the public.

Sierra Systems SharePoint Intranet Solution Accelerator (SISA) is […]

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Next-gen Portals – The Digital Workplace Foundation

Portals are a first and essential step in any digital workplace journey. Simply put, they are a central place for employees, customers, partners, and vendors to get all relevant information. Information may come from different sources, and be created or managed by different groups of people. Next-gen portals provide a user-centric way to present this information to help people find significant […]

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Building forms and workflow solutions the easy way

Microsoft Power Apps and Flow are the latest mobile forms and workflow tools to be added to the Microsoft Cloud stack, enabling no code apps that are mobile ready and have the ability to connect to your back office systems. Microsoft created PowerApps and Flow to not only create an environment for building forms and workflows but to allow organizations to […]

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Choosing the Right Collaboration Tools

With cloud technologies at the front of our product platforms, Microsoft have started releasing new products at lightening speed. With a myriad of overlapping capabilities, including Microsoft’s new collaboration options, how do you determine the tools required and how to collaborate?

There are numerous options to choose from including Microsoft SharePoint on-premises, SharePoint Online, OneDrive For Business, Office 365 Groups, Microsoft Teams, […]

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Microsoft Ignite – Day One

Wow what a first day!

The Ignite experience couldn’t get any better, being surrounded by 23,000 Microsoft geeks ultimately with one goal in mind – returning to our employers with a head full of new knowledge on how to solve real business problems with the latest Microsoft technology with no regards for whether the solution is in production release from Microsoft, or […]

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Avoid List Workflow Copying Pitfalls, Simply

A common problem SharePoint developers or power users encounter is a need to copy SharePoint Designer list workflows from one list to another in the same site collection or a different site collection.

I encountered this scenario, a need to copy multiple SharePoint Designer 2010 list workflows from different SharePoint libraries to a single library in the same site collection. This is […]

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