There is nothing standard about deviation, you don’t have to say yes though

We plan. We mitigate risk. We test. And Implement. However, more often than not there is deviation from the plan. Recently this effected a project that I was on so I felt compelled to write. There are reasons for deviation such as ambiguity allowing for scope creep or conflicting projects with different objectives. It is also unrealistic to expect any project […]


Power Management

Projects are about people. Learning to engage, manage, motivate, and influence various groups will help move your project to a success.

There are key groups of people involved in a project:

  • The sponsors
  • The team
  • The consumers of the final product
  • Stakeholder groups that you rely on for parts of delivery, or who care about or have an opinion about the new product or the […]
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Project and Portfolio Management Predictions

My prediction: ServiceNow will be in the Leader Quadrant of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) tools in 2018.


  1. For 2015, Gartner decided that they evaluate project and portfolio management tools using two separate quadrants: One for client hosted applications, and one for cloud-based applications. The maturity of cloud based tools does not yet compare to hosted applications. However, […]
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Are you a Power Manager?

Some would categorize organizations as either projectized or functional.

The successful organization will have a blend. Projects are required to facilitate change – advancing the organization to achieve its goals – a new product launch, a re-organization, or a change in culture/approach. Strong functional management ensures operational excellence, achievement of organizational objectives, and a focus on continually improving the delivery process.

Leaders […]

Data-Driven Requirements Gathering

Early in my career I was fortunate to have a mentor who was very data driven. He believed that data in its purest form would help describe the processes that you might want to implement in a system, but that process analysis alone would not properly define the data and in fact, might very well define it improperly due to the […]

How to Avoid This Happening…. (again)

There is no “silver bullet” for ensuring project success. However mundane – constant attention to details will avoid most problems. Updating plans, logs, and statuses is not enough. Analyze the results, look for trends, anomalies and question the slightest variation. This takes time, but as a PM it is your job to oversee these activities.

A project health check is a very […]

You Don’t Have Requirements!

So you think you know all the answers? Well…. you don’t!

If you are running projects, the people with the answers are your clients. They will define the scope of your project, and the detailed requirements of what they want.

And guess what? If you don’t ask them, you won’t know the requirements. Seems pretty simple, doesn’t it? Yet, amazingly, according to the […]