How to translate your Vision into Action?

After formulating your strategy and having a clear understanding of where you are going and what your priorities are, it’s time for Strategy Execution; translating the vision and goals into actions.

Strategy Execution is a result of daily decisions made by employees at all levels based on the information they have. To translate strategic goals into actions, people in the organization need […]

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National Strategy Consulting Competition & Conference

Sierra Systems sponsored one of the most respected Management Consulting events in North America, the National Strategy Consulting Competition & Conference (NSCC) 2017. The NSCC is a comprehensive opportunity for students across North America to learn about strategy consulting. This annual event brings together the nation’s top undergraduate and MBA talent in a three-day competition and two-day conference to […]

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Can You Sail Without A Compass?

In an increasingly uncertain business environment, with rapid changes in both the technical and competitive landscape, strategy matters more than ever. Strategy to organizations is like a compass to sailors; it provides direction and helps with navigation.

These days, senior executives in organizations recognize and understand the importance of strategy formulation and execution. However, many admit their organizations fall short. According to […]

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Why the Traditional Strategy Map Needs to Change

There is no doubt that Kaplan, Norton and others were on the right track when the first Strategy Map was introduced into day-to-day consulting approaches. When combined with a skilled facilitator, the Strategy Map is a great tool for laying out the critical goals and objectives for an organization. Unfortunately I believe that the Strategy Map of the 1990’s […]

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Knowledge to Practice – A success factor in process improvement, or almost anything in life!

Great wisdom is just a theory and a piece of gold held on a pedestal if you can’t apply it to making people’s lives or work easier and better. Without translating judicious knowledge into everyday plain language, clear instructions and visual representation for people to understand or act upon, it is almost as good as a big binder sitting on the […]

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Untangling the value of assets through business process management tools

Industrial engineers once tracked the routing of materials and products across a factory using spaghetti diagrams. These are simple tools that help visualize interconnections and movement through systems and understand where there may be delays, unnecessary flow crossovers, redundancy, excess of inventory. Biologists, doctors and even consultants have extrapolated this idea and have used these kinds of tools in their own […]

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