Recruiting in a Downturn – Creativity on Both Sides of the Spectrum

The economic climate in Canada has had a significant impact on employment. It’s no secret that jobs in Western Canada are being lost and are much harder to find, this ensures competition for new opportunities is tough. Most people think that this equates to a gold rush for recruiters like me, sadly this isn’t the case.

Clients are being more careful […]

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Working in Glass Houses

We encourage employees to better receive ‘constructive feedback’, aka bad news. We build processes and buy software to help us do it every year. We readily hold up a metaphoric mirror to help individuals see the image they are projecting to the world. We see these activities as healthy and development-focused. We are coaching people; helping them succeed and take their […]

Webinar: HR Technology and the Cloud – Best Practices

Part three of our webinar series, HR technology and the Cloud, we address how organizations can translate their business case and cloud strategy into tactical steps for implementation. In addition, we highlight various considerations from business processes to change management as they relate specifically to cloud technology. Presented by Stacey Harris, VP Research at Sierra-Cedar, Susie McLeod, Vice President, Oracle Solutions […]

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Webinar: HR Technology and the Cloud – Tools and Techniques

Part two of our webinar series, HR technology and the Cloud, we focus on tools and techniques. Here we examine transforming HR system environments, including trends on deployment models and mobile and social enabled processes. Presented by Stacey Harris, VP Research at Sierra-Cedar and Chris Litton, Advisory Services Practice Leader at Sierra Systems.

This webinar series examines HR technology from planning […]

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Webinar: HR Technology and the Cloud – Insights

Learn more about the topic of HR technology from planning and selection, through implementation and upkeep and how cloud technologies are shaping this landscape. This three part webinar series highlights solid research data, and shares our experience on what considerations are influencing technology and organizational decisions across companies of various industries and sizes.

Addressing the forces driving HR technology trends including cloud, […]

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