Stuck between the cloud and a hard place

I have been fortunate enough to have been exposed to many different companies throughout my career and it is true, no two are the same but there are many similar business fundamentals that contribute to profitability and success.

Some of those fundamentals are visibility into operations, optimization, continuous improvements and predictability for delivery. It doesn’t matter what type of business, many want […]


A Continuum of Discovery

The challenge with change management
There are numerous change management frameworks in use today. Many are well established and instrumental in ensuring project success when they are correctly utilized. We believe the challenge lays in that many do not employ the concept of ‘discovery’. It has been our experience most frameworks are too segmented or phased, often too rigid, far too little […]

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Embracing Organizational Social Responsibility

In 2012 a few Sierra Systems Management Consultants presented a business case proposing that the firm should offer pro-bono consulting hours to non-profit organizations. Following a successful pitch the executive team agreed to a pilot project. Social enterprises are businesses operated by non-profit organizations for the blended purpose of generating income through sales and providing a community service.[…]