Achievement Unlocked! Microsoft Gold Data Platform Competency

I am over the moon to announce our achievement of the Microsoft Gold Data Platform competency. The Data Platform competency recognizes Microsoft partners that are looking to design and develop powerful and versatile database platforms for their clients businesses.

The last 12 months at Sierra Systems has been nothing short of a Data and AI revolution. Along with our achievement of the […]

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Power BI, What’s The Big Deal?

A handful of people have asked me why Microsoft’s Power BI has become so popular in the last year (and a few confidentially asked me what it is). In a nutshell, Power BI a data analytics tool that’s easy to use (especially for Excel users), relatively inexpensive, and allows you to quickly make sharp-looking reports from your browser.

That describes what […]


What is your excuse for not going to Microsoft Build, the developer event of the year?

Microsoft Build is the premier developer event on the 2017 calendar, and I’m presenting!

As software transforms our world in even more remarkable ways than we thought possible just a decade ago, the role of developers in that transformation is at the center of it. Come and see me present a fascinating insight into a 5-day data hackfest Proof-Of-Concept that […]

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Business insight in minutes with Oracle Stream Analytics

Oracle Stream Analytics (OSA) is the only stream analytics tool available on premises, at the edge and in the cloud for business users to answer enterprise level questions about Fast Data.

OSA is a powerful and instant insight business tool that makes Stream Analysis as easy as working in Excel. With more than 20 statistical, general industry, machine learning and spatial patterns, […]

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Microsoft Ignite – Day One

Wow what a first day!

The Ignite experience couldn’t get any better, being surrounded by 23,000 Microsoft geeks ultimately with one goal in mind – returning to our employers with a head full of new knowledge on how to solve real business problems with the latest Microsoft technology with no regards for whether the solution is in production release from Microsoft, or […]

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Webinar: How to transform your company’s data with Microsoft Power BI

Knowledge is power, but timing is everything.

As the world’s data volumes ever increase so does the demand to tap into that data and extract valuable information to drive performance and give your organization an edge. However, this edge is lost if the information cannot be acted upon because too much time has passed. The ability to rapidly explore data and obtain […]

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Data Discovery vs. Enterprise Business Intelligence

Over the past several years a new category of Business Intelligence (BI) tools has appeared in the BI marketplace under the heading of data discovery (aka visual analytics).

How does data discovery differ from enterprise BI?
Data discovery tools offer highly interactive and graphical user interfaces built on in-memory architectures to address business users’ need for ease-of-use. It allows users to analyze unstructured […]