10 Power BI Report Visualization Best Practices

Power BI is a powerful analytics and data visualization tool that you can use to communicate insights and highlight your business’ problems and successes using your data.  It can provide the 10,000-foot level view on your business, or dig deep into the weeds to see what is going on with individual transactions. Before I jump right in, be sure to check […]


Stuck between the cloud and a hard place

I have been fortunate enough to have been exposed to many different companies throughout my career and it is true, no two are the same but there are many similar business fundamentals that contribute to profitability and success.

Some of those fundamentals are visibility into operations, optimization, continuous improvements and predictability for delivery. It doesn’t matter what type of business, many want […]


Renaming Entities in Dynamics CRM

One common request when creating a Dynamics CRM solution for a client is to change the names of entities to keep them in sync with the industry vertical or the company, in question. While it may be common practice, there is no best practice. Taking this into consideration, a pet peeve of mine is when I see a name-changing process not […]

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EMR Success in the Northwest Territories

In 2011, the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) engaged Sierra Systems to assist with the selection and deployment of an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) solution for its 33 primary care clinic sites.

Sierra Systems resources worked closely with the GNWT team to select the vendor, negotiate the contracts, identify enhancements, install the application, develop operations standards, lead the implementations, […]

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Click here

One of the complaints I hear over and over again as a consultant for Dynamics CRM is, ‘There are too many clicks!’. I am told over and over again that Microsoft should be following the three-click rule. Well, I am here to tell you the three-click rule is a myth.

User complaints about lengthy click paths are really about users […]

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Can You Sail Without A Compass?

In an increasingly uncertain business environment, with rapid changes in both the technical and competitive landscape, strategy matters more than ever. Strategy to organizations is like a compass to sailors; it provides direction and helps with navigation.

These days, senior executives in organizations recognize and understand the importance of strategy formulation and execution. However, many admit their organizations fall short. According to […]

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Partnership Conference, Tools Further Collaboration and Interoperability

Reflecting on the Infoway Partnership Conference last month, the major themes were collaboration and interoperability. There was also a reminder from a number of speakers to design software or standards in an environment where feedback is actively incorporated and a real-world problem is being solved. It was a great conference for me — I was able to finally meet […]

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Detecting Anomalies in Sound, a Proof of Concept

Let’s try to solve the problem of finding anomalies in sound. Microphones are the most common universal detectors, they are small, cheap, reliable and present in all cell phones. They can be used almost anywhere. Therefore, the problem of processing sound, not just speech, is in front of us right now. This is a classic example of attacking a low-hanging fruit […]

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There is nothing standard about deviation, you don’t have to say yes though

We plan. We mitigate risk. We test. And Implement. However, more often than not there is deviation from the plan. Recently this effected a project that I was on so I felt compelled to write. There are reasons for deviation such as ambiguity allowing for scope creep or conflicting projects with different objectives. It is also unrealistic to expect any project […]


Microsoft Dynamics AX – Task Guides

Task Recorder has long been a trustworthy companion throughout many versions of Microsoft Dynamics AX. In the latest version of AX there have been some useful extensions added. One of these new functions is titled ‘Task Guides’, I’ll cover this function in this blog post.

Task Recorder is a valuable tool to record tasks and processes in Microsoft Dynamics AX to create […]

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