Webinar: Managed Services for Oracle PeopleSoft – Delivery

Once transitioned it’s important to follow consistent delivery processes and maintain an integrated relationship with your managed services provider. This webinar answers some key questions for consideration:

  • How do managed services integrate with your internal services?
  • How are services requested, managed and reported?
  • How are services and service levels adjusted as business needs change?
  • How does managed services communicate effectively?
  • What are the outcomes of successful […]
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Webinar: Managed Services for Oracle PeopleSoft – Transition

Once you have made the decision to use managed services provider, the transition requires a number of actions including deciding on the type of model you want, but most importantly becoming collaborative partners with clear expectations. This webinar answers some key questions for consideration:

  • What are some of the steps transitioning to a managed service model?
  • What services are available and required?
  • What are […]
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Webinar: Managed Services for Oracle PeopleSoft – Planning

Deciding whether managed services is right for you requires a major organizational decision and careful deliberation. Once you understand your requirements, the next step is planning to move forward to a managed services model. This webinar answers some key questions for consideration:

  • What should your strategic plan include?
  • How do you determine value to your organization?
  • What support capabilities does your organization have […]
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Webinar: Managed Services for Oracle PeopleSoft – Strategy

Your Oracle PeopleSoft solution is essential to your business operations but it’s also tying up your valuable IT resources. One size fits all is no longer relevant when your business model is constantly changing. Our four part webinar series will focus on strategy, planning, and transitioning and delivery of a managed services model for your most critical business application.

Our first episode […]

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Problem Ownership Culture – What does it mean?

Often we hear people say, “You should own that problem.” or, “Who owns this problem?” or, “Why didn’t this get solved?”. I’m sure you have heard others. This revolves around problem ownership.

If I do a search I get some pretty interesting images and a very wide range of definitions ranging from methodologies about group problem-solving to solving puzzles and […]

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Webinar: Getting More Value From Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics® AX helps companies respond more rapidly to the changing business climate, with solutions that deliver integrated financial, supply chain, human resources, and project management capabilities.

This webinar provides an overview of Sierra Systems’ application management shared services model for Microsoft Dynamics AX and how Alpac Forest Products leveraged AMS to support its Dynamics environment. […]

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Webinar: What to Look for in a Strategic OpenText Partnership

Assuring the right partner adds value in helping you set business priorities can be challenging. This webinar focuses on what to look for in a good partnership and how to work jointly with a partner to maximize your business results. OpenText and Sierra Systems will address key considerations including:

  • Repeatable Methodologies – Does your partner have repeatable methodologies that they can draw […]
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Webinar: OpenText Upgrades and Implementations

Whether you are upgrading or implementing a system, you need to have a solid implementation methodology, the right resources with the right skills, and a rigorous project management plan for a successful implementation. This webinar will discuss some of the issues and challenges including automation, customer support, operations and maintenance, performance and capacity planning, and programming upgrades. […]

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Webinar: Maximize Your OpenText Investment With A Health Assessment

Deciding on which strategic investments to make with a limited IT budget is a decision IT executives face daily. The crucial first step is assessment – understanding the state of your organization and its future goals. This webinar highlights the approach Sierra Systems takes in performing health assessments including evaluation of the technology infrastructure, applications, and processes. By addressing known issues, […]

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