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With 10 years BizTalk Server experience Leo is an accomplished BizTalk Server Full Stack Developer, Architect, and System Integrator. Leo has been recognized as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP), he also regularly contributes articles to geekswithblogs.net
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Detecting Anomalies in Sound, a Proof of Concept

Let’s try to solve the problem of finding anomalies in sound. Microphones are the most common universal detectors, they are small, cheap, reliable and present in all cell phones. They can be used almost anywhere. Therefore, the problem of processing sound, not just speech, is in front of us right now. This is a classic example of attacking a low-hanging fruit […]

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XML Transformation: XSLT vs .NET – Part 2

In the first part, I compared XSLT and Object transformation of XML documents. The results showed that Object transformations are faster in most cases. They are also simpler from the developers point of view too.

The next question is, “If we use JSON instead of XML, how much faster will the transformations be?”

If we have the freedom to choose Object transformations […]

Serializers in .NET

The project code discussed in this post is available on GitHub.

Any distributed system requires serializing to transfer data through the wires. The serializers used to be hidden in adapters and proxies where developers did not deal with the serializing process explicitly. As an example, see the WCF serialization, when all we need to know is where to place the […]

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BizTalk Server and Agile. Can they live together?

So far I saw only the waterfall methodology in the BizTalk project development. I worked for small and big companies and everywhere I saw only waterfall. Is there something special in the BizTalk Server (BTS) project that Agile is never used with it?

So far we, BizTalk developers, have all disappointments of the waterfall development: the long stages of the project, huge […]

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BizTalk Integration Development Architecture

Why Development Architecture?

If a company uses Microsoft BizTalk Server (BizTalk) extensively a great number of BizTalk applications are created and scheduled for creation. These applications might be related to one another or be independent but they must all work in a shared BizTalk environment. If we don’t apply some discipline during implementation the BizTalk deployment could be a mess very quickly.

BizTalk […]

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