Layale Khalifeh

About Layale Khalifeh

Over 15 years of experience in system analysis with a variety of roles providing business solutions for different business areas and industries. Strong technical background with a practical focus on business needs. Strong analytical, problem solving, team building, and portfolio management skills. Proven ability to identify, analyze and provide recommendations for solving business problems through process improvements and/or system enhancements. Ability to execute without losing focus on the big picture and the strategic objectives. Excellent bilingual verbal, written and inter-personal communication skills. Well positioned to play different roles and help deliver effective solutions, employing proactive, consultative, and hands-on skills. A determined person with strategic thinking and a “To-Do” spirit. Flexible and versatile with strong ability to work under pressure. Skilled in business analysis, project management, portfolio management, product management, application development, system configuration, technical writing and training.

Dynamics 365 for Talent – True SaaS HCM Apps

Today’s employees are demanding a more personalized approach to how their HR experiences empower them to contribute more and be better employees for their own success and the success of their organization. Today’s HR professionals are demanding the focus to shift to a more strategic than a transactional role.

Dynamics 365 for Talent helps HR and employees achieve this cultural shift by […]