Ken Akerley

About Ken Akerley

A senior leader within Sierra Systems delivery organization, Ken is a newfound blockchain enthusiast and Cryptocurrency investor. For over 25 years, Ken has provided IT management, consulting and services to multiple leaders of industry in areas such as mining, fertilizer manufacturing, oil and gas, utilities, airlines and government.

The Internet of Value

In their 2011 book Consumption Economics, J.B. Wood, Todd Hewlin, and Thomas Lah outlined the upcoming disruption to business models in tech, whereby consumers opt-out of singular large investments in technology, choosing instead to redeem vendors only when they successfully consume the business value of their products. They describe a market where the measurement and exchange of value will be driven […]

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My Blockchain Life

Bridging the gap between new technologies and their integration into business is a hallmark of Sierra Systems’ consulting services. As a technological leader and blockchain enthusiast, Sierra Systems’ VP Ken Akerley is a key player in helping envision subtle revolutions in IT, providing a glimpse of the potential future of work. . .

It’s the spring of 2023 and my long-awaited […]