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Glenn Werth

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As a Senior Consultant Glenn is responsible for supporting all application activities during the full lifecycle of a Dynamics CRM implementations. Including; requirements gathering and documentation, business process definition, solution design, configuration, testing, user training and support.

Renaming Entities in Dynamics CRM

One common request when creating a Dynamics CRM solution for a client is to change the names of entities to keep them in sync with the industry vertical or the company, in question. While it may be common practice, there is no best practice. Taking this into consideration, a pet peeve of mine is when I see a name-changing process not […]

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Riddle of the Randomly Reloading of Project Service Automation Forms

We have all had those “WTH?” moments. Since the release of Project Service Automation(PSA) I have been working with the product on a trial version, which was then upgraded to a Production version. As a result of this upgrade, I started to encounter strange form behavior randomly through the solution.

That behavior started with forms freezing on load then progressed […]

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Click here

One of the complaints I hear over and over again as a consultant for Dynamics CRM is, ‘There are too many clicks!’. I am told over and over again that Microsoft should be following the three-click rule. Well, I am here to tell you the three-click rule is a myth.

User complaints about lengthy click paths are really about users […]

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There is nothing standard about deviation, you don’t have to say yes though

We plan. We mitigate risk. We test. And Implement. However, more often than not there is deviation from the plan. Recently this effected a project that I was on so I felt compelled to write. There are reasons for deviation such as ambiguity allowing for scope creep or conflicting projects with different objectives. It is also unrealistic to expect any project […]