Finally – Playbooks to find your Cloud’s Silver Lining

Deploying a modern Business Intelligence driven solution through the use of Predictive Analytics or Big Data is now a quick, insightful opportunity to get more value out of your data. By transforming data into business relatable information you are empowered with insight never before available, this insight allows you to make data-driven decisions that can have a huge effect on your organization’s efficiency and effectiveness.

Is it time for your organization to upgrade from SQL Server 2005 or 2008 to something applicable to the needs of users in this century? A long overdue data storage or data warehousing upgrade enables modern data discovery and AI capabilities to be exercised in parallel with that upgrade.

Moving to the Cloud, or consolidating your data infrastructure to improve performance, optimize cost, and achieve higher flexibility is just the tip of the iceberg. If you are considering a migration from Oracle, Sybase, or DB2 to a Microsoft solution (that may save you money and improve the security of both your own and your client’s data) then you need to leverage the cloud for its performance and scaling benefits today!

If you read any of the last few sentences and they made you pause, perhaps awkwardly, then you will be very interested in the Microsoft Data 6 offering Sierra Systems is presenting currently. These offerings will help you understand how your organization can benefit from modern the modernization of your existing and future Data Platform, and highly reactive Analytics solutions.

We are offering free workshops to assess your project and build a custom project plan for your organization that includes an outline of the technical and functional steps required to deploy a solution that answers your needs, and then test-drive that solution with a proof of concept.

Get in touch with us via THIS LINK RIGHT HERE and let’s get your data singing, not just humming.

About the Author:

Anthony Bulk
Anthony is a Business Intelligence (BI) architect with widespread knowledge and experience planning, designing, developing and implementing business intelligence solutions. He has worked exclusively in the BI industry for over 12 years and is an expert with the Microsoft toolset; Power BI, SQL Server, SharePoint, and Office.