Data Visualization Best Practices Using Power BI

With the proliferation of data, it is more important than ever to visualize data the right way to get the information you need and to tell the right story.  It is easy to pick the wrong visual, an incorrect layout, or a poor navigation structure that will cause the audience to not make a correct and timely decision.
Microsoft’s Power BI is a modern analytic tool used to visualize data and share insights. In this webinar, Sierra will provide and demonstrate best practice uses of Power BI that will improve your ability to effectively and clearly communicate information via reports and dashboards.
What You Will Learn
  • How to select the visualization that makes the greatest impact
  • How to use proven techniques, such as the Rule of Thirds, to organize the tables, charts, and graphs on dashboards and reports
  • How to use Power BI’s cross-filtering, drill through, and hierarchy navigation to provide different levels of analysis
Who Should Attend
  • Business Analysts
  • Project Managers
  • IT Developers
Featured Presenters

Paul Twigg

Paul Twigg
VP Technology

Dave Jaycock
Lead Consultant

Anthony Bulk
Microsoft BI Architect

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About the Author:

Paul Twigg
Paul is a goal oriented business leader with executive and hands-on experience in delivering leading edge cloud, architecture and support services. He is a recognized speaker and thought leader in the SharePoint and Office 365 fields.