A First Look at Microsoft Dynamics 365 – Month End/Reporting

Technology is quickly transforming our daily work routines with useful apps and services that are easy to work with, and that deliver helpful assistance improving our lives. Business systems are rapidly undergoing a transformation as a result of this technology. These changes will impact business users and accounting professionals for the next decade.

A first look at Microsoft Dynamics 365 Operations for the Public Sector: This series highlights the recent capabilities that are forthcoming so you can better plan your staffing, training and budgeting for the future of your organization.

Develop efficiency in accomplishing many tasks in a very short period.

  • How to document and standardize your month end tasks
  • How to customize financial reporting
  • How to automate/provide on-demand real-time financial statements
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About the Author:

Avtar Singh
I architect, design and manage the implementation of Dynamics 365 for enterprise clients. I am an ERP applications consultant with over 25 years of experience with Microsoft Business Solutions. I have managed or have been involved in: System Selection, system Implementation, System Support, Sales Presentations, Training and Product Development with Axapta (Dynamics 365).