Businesses are at risk of being exposed to unanticipated information security risks as they move to the cloud. Examples of these are: employees having access to the data in the company’s cloud services after leaving the company; destruction of data or cloud infrastructure in the cloud service without a fast way to recover it; IoT and devices transferring large amounts of automated data; and theft of an employee’s username and password with the intent of accessing the data in the cloud environment. Additionally, companies that rely on Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) providers such as Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure, may not have a mechanism to adequately measure and evaluate their risk areas.

What you will learn

  • If you are responsible for moving business applications to the cloud, this webinar will educate you about potential risks.
  • Learn how to mitigate information security risks.
  • What you will learn How to adopt a strategic business-focused risk-management approach for cloud migrations.

What you will learn

  • How to evaluate security challenges and risks in Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.
  • Leverage the experience Sierra Systems has taken in mitigating some of its own information security risks.
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Featured Presenters

Paul Twigg
VP, Technology
Sierra Systems

Greg Turner
SVP Corporate Security,
Sierra Systems