Red Hat OpenShift: Scaling your DevOps Environment

Are you continuously deploying solutions with a goal of zero interruption to service? Are you required to make changes to service within hours instead of days with less risk, less resources and less cost? Have you adopted an Agile development lifecycle and need to meet security and privacy compliance? OpenShift is a platform that can help your IT organization fulfill these targets, it is the promise of tomorrows’ modern application platform.

What you will learn

  • You have heard the hype and need to know more!
  • Understand how OpenShift could positively impact your delivery of digital services and modern applications.
  • Objectivity understand what problems this technology is ideal for and what it’s not

What you will learn

  • An overview of RedHat OpenShift technologies, e.g., Docker, Kubernetes
  • Benefits of container technologies including as a DevOps enabler.
  • Understand which solutions should and shouldn’t use it.
  • Answers to FAQ about security, costs, and support

Featured Presenters

Paul Twigg
Paul Twigg
VP, Technology
Sierra Systems

Greg Turner
Architect and Developer,
Sierra Systems

Sani Chabi Yo
Cloud Solutions Architect,

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Paul Twigg
Paul is a goal oriented business leader with executive and hands-on experience in delivering leading edge cloud, architecture and support services. He is a recognized speaker and thought leader in the SharePoint and Office 365 fields.