Are you excited about modern web development, application development in the cloud, machine learning or task automation? Modern application development can be complex and requires a good understanding of a lot of technologies and terminology. How do you separate the current fad from the language of the future, while contending with AI, digital transformation, and Chatbots?

Join a panel of Sierra Systems experts as we guide you through the technology path of modern application development. We will discuss key technologies and show case studies to help you make the decisions that will keep your application development alive for the years to come.
We will also show some cool demonstrations, which will lead you to a better appreciation and understanding of what it takes to be a web application developer in 2017.

Web Application Development from A to Z
What you will learn

  • Industry standard libraries and frameworks
  • User Experience design patterns
  • Building for Mobile, Social, Cloud, and Analytics


Web Application Development from A to Z from Sierra Systems on Vimeo.