Technology is quickly transforming our daily work routines with useful apps and services that are easy to work with, and that deliver helpful assistance improving our lives. Business systems are rapidly undergoing a transformation as a result of this technology. These changes will impact business users and accounting professionals for the next decade.

This webinar series will focus on Microsoft’s set of solutions as examples of how these technology trends are affecting business systems. We will highlight the recent capabilities that are forthcoming so you can better plan your staffing, training, and budgeting for the future of your organization. Register once for all of our upcoming webinar episodes.

Capital projects and grants

Budgets can be a daunting task with either complex business models, or simple with multiple spreadsheets and various versions. This in-depth webinar explores the following:

  • How do I set up a capital project with its own budget?
  • How do I update the expenditures?
  • How do I monitor the status and report on it?
  • What types of metrics and reporting are available?
  • View of the outstanding POs and other committed costs


Watch in high resolution on Vimeo.