Microsoft Build is the premier developer event on the 2017 calendar, and I’m presenting!

As software transforms our world in even more remarkable ways than we thought possible just a decade ago, the role of developers in that transformation is at the center of it. Come and see me present a fascinating insight into a 5-day data hackfest Proof-Of-Concept that focused on Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning and went on to become an integral part of a client’s drive to shift an entire industry in a big way!

Not only will this project be showcased at the Build conference, but it was also accepted into the internal Microsoft MLADS (Machine Learning, Analytics, Data Science) conference too.

Without contravening NDA’s this project was a fascinating look deep into a little-known problem that has the potential for massive impact upon all our lives. The solution created was nothing short of brilliant in its simplicity, scope fit, and scalability. As we all know the opportunities broad scale data analytics and big data solutions offer are seemingly endless, only limited by our own imagination, and this project is a great example of that.

Join me next month in Seattle to see the project in action, perhaps this dataset transformation based idea will spark a solution that you can put into action.