Getting what you pay for has never been a truer mantra in business than today. Cloud services offer reduced costs for the same service when compared to the high cost of owning and maintaining hardware (that is probably sitting in a closet of your office right now) just to provide the same service.

However, the same is true for your managed service capabilities. Having your existing resources shift focus from on-premise hardware maintenance to cloud services is a quick fix, but is that solving the problem long term? Is it even solving the problem?

Engaging with a managed service provider in this scenario does double duty. A managed service provider can do it all; establish a path for you to the cloud, while maintaining your on premise hardware throughout the transition, and then maintain your cloud service moving forward.

Allan Bagelman, Director of Business Development for ITnorth Network & Consulting Service discusses the benefits associated with getting both value and service from a reputable source in today’s marketplace. Allan’s eye opening discussion focuses on, “You get what you pay for.” which is where a full suite managed service offering such as offered by Sierra Systems would benefit a myriad of organizations today.

To learn more about how Sierra Systems Managed Services can save your business money not only today, but moving forward as well get in touch with me – and lets discuss your path to the holy grail.