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Enabling Business Users to Refresh Cubes/Data Warehouse or Run ETL Jobs via SSRS

So you’ve spent weeks or months building a data platform and pipeline and then the finance team wants to manually refresh data because its month or year end. If your refresh jobs live in SQL Server Agent, then you’re in a pickle because you don’t want to grant them permissions on a production SQL instance or have them install SQL Management […]

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Motivate Your Methodology

Are your stakeholder interactions important enough for you to notice?

Sierra has a history of delivering projects and services at the regional, jurisdictional and federal level. As your problem-space increases, you may experience a challenge to identify how big your problem-space is and how it affects the people you support. As a system owner or business leader, we can support you to […]

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The Internet of Value

In their 2011 book Consumption Economics, J.B. Wood, Todd Hewlin, and Thomas Lah outlined the upcoming disruption to business models in tech, whereby consumers opt-out of singular large investments in technology, choosing instead to redeem vendors only when they successfully consume the business value of their products. They describe a market where the measurement and exchange of value will be driven […]

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The Strength of Private Blockchain’s Agility; Sierra’s Jason Aitchison looks at blockchain for businesses

Private blockchains’ strength comes from trust. When creating a blockchain application, the first question is “is there complete trust between the individuals using this blockchain”. Like most business, the common answer is “no”, which is why public blockchains’ decentralized network keeps all records out in the open.

When there is trust […]

PowerApps, Flow and CDS – What Happens if they Work Together

You have heard about PowerApps, you know about Flow and CDS. But have you seen them work together? In this session we will take you through a common business scenario and show you how PowerApps and Flow work together with D365FO to update Fixed Asset records in D365FO and send out a notification to those involved. We will also show and […]


Dynamics 365 for Talent – True SaaS HCM Apps

Today’s employees are demanding a more personalized approach to how their HR experiences empower them to contribute more and be better employees for their own success and the success of their organization. Today’s HR professionals are demanding the focus to shift to a more strategic than a transactional role.

Dynamics 365 for Talent helps HR and employees achieve this cultural shift by […]

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10 Power BI Report Visualization Best Practices

Power BI is a powerful analytics and data visualization tool that you can use to communicate insights and highlight your business’ problems and successes using your data. It can provide the 10,000-foot level view on your business, or dig deep into the weeds to see what is going on with individual transactions. Before I jump right in, be sure to check […]


Finally – Playbooks to find your Cloud’s Silver Lining

Deploying a modern Business Intelligence driven solution through the use of Predictive Analytics or Big Data is now a quick, insightful opportunity to get more value out of your data. By transforming data into business relatable information you are empowered with insight never before available, this insight allows you to make data-driven decisions that can have a huge effect on your […]

My Blockchain Life

Bridging the gap between new technologies and their integration into business is a hallmark of Sierra Systems’ consulting services. As a technological leader and blockchain enthusiast, Sierra Systems’ VP Ken Akerley is a key player in helping envision subtle revolutions in IT, providing a glimpse of the potential future of work. . .

It’s the spring of 2023 and my long-awaited […]