Red Hat OpenShift: Scaling your DevOps Environment

Are you continuously deploying solutions with a goal of zero interruption to service? Are you required to make changes to service within hours instead of days with less risk, less resources and less cost? Have you adopted an Agile development lifecycle and need to meet security and privacy compliance? OpenShift is a platform that can help your IT organization fulfill these […]

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What is your excuse for not going to Microsoft Build, the developer event of the year?

Microsoft Build is the premier developer event on the 2017 calendar, and I’m presenting!

As software transforms our world in even more remarkable ways than we thought possible just a decade ago, the role of developers in that transformation is at the center of it. Come and see me present a fascinating insight into a 5-day data hackfest Proof-Of-Concept that […]

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Detecting Anomalies in Sound, a Proof of Concept

Let’s try to solve the problem of finding anomalies in sound. Microphones are the most common universal detectors, they are small, cheap, reliable and present in all cell phones. They can be used almost anywhere. Therefore, the problem of processing sound, not just speech, is in front of us right now. This is a classic example of attacking a low-hanging fruit […]

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Microsoft Ignite – Day One

Wow what a first day!

The Ignite experience couldn’t get any better, being surrounded by 23,000 Microsoft geeks ultimately with one goal in mind – returning to our employers with a head full of new knowledge on how to solve real business problems with the latest Microsoft technology with no regards for whether the solution is in production release from Microsoft, or […]

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Webinar: Making the leap to Microsoft Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 is Microsoft’s latest offering to deliver end to end business applications in the cloud. It combines Microsoft’s current CRM and ERP cloud options into a new integrated solution with purpose built apps that manage and support business functions and processes like finance, sales, project services and operations.

With more product options than ever before, the path to selecting the right […]

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Webinar: Assessing your cloud readiness capability

Most organizations are moving their data or systems into the cloud. Those that haven’t yet, are thinking very hard about it. Many of those current or soon-to-be cloud adopters are asking themselves “how can we use the cloud safely and still realize the benefits of it”?

This webinar centers around 6 key aspects; application, infrastructure and enabling technologies, business and IT readiness, […]

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Webinar: All About Web Application Development from A to Z

A guide through the technology path of web application development

Are you a web application developer or just excited about web technologies? Effective modern web development is fun, and it requires a good understanding of a lot of technologies and terminology. How do you separate the current fad from the language of the future?

Our panel Sierra Systems experts guide you through the […]

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Webinar: Creating Line of Business Applications with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Uncover the hidden benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Sales, service and marketing professionals use a CRM solution as part of their everyday business tools. But are you aware that Microsoft Dynamics CRM is also an extremely flexible platform for extended application solutions?

Whether deployed in the cloud or on premises, the Microsoft CRM platform provides a flexible and powerful business application platform that […]

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Argyle Development in 2016: Deliverables

So since my last post here, friends and co-workers have been showing me their socks more, which is kind of a new thing, so here we go again…

“Argyle” is a straw-man methodology, not a real thing as much as a catch-all for some thoughts and observations on how to be agile and think waterfall, or vice versa, based on my own […]

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