Sierra Speaks

19 01, 2017

Business insight in minutes with Oracle Stream Analytics

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Oracle Stream Analytics (OSA) is the only stream analytics tool available on premises, at the edge and in the cloud for business users to answer enterprise level questions about Fast Data.

OSA is a powerful and instant insight business tool that makes Stream Analysis as easy as working in Excel. With more than 20 statistical, general industry, machine learning and spatial patterns, business users can instantly turn the streaming data flood into meaningful information to support timely

18 01, 2017

Oracle PeopleSoft 9.2 Upgrades: Elevating Success

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What makes an upgrade successful? In the next few weeks, I’ll focus a series of articles on the steps we believe are important to make your Oracle PeopleSoft 9.2 upgrade successful.

To begin, I discuss what you can do to prepare for the upgrade, secondly, I will cover detailed planning for the upgrade, and finally I’ll focus on the upgrade project and what you should create during the upgrade to enable you to take full advantage

15 12, 2016

Choosing the Right Collaboration Tools

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With cloud technologies at the front of our product platforms, Microsoft have started releasing new products at lightening speed. With a myriad of overlapping capabilities, including Microsoft’s new collaboration options, how do you determine the tools required and how to collaborate?

There are numerous options to choose from including Microsoft SharePoint on-premises, SharePoint Online, OneDrive For Business, Office 365 Groups, Microsoft Teams, and Yammer. Learn about how to select the right collaboration features for your organization.

This in-depth

14 12, 2016

Can You Sail Without A Compass?

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In an increasingly uncertain business environment, with rapid changes in both the technical and competitive landscape, strategy matters more than ever. Strategy to organizations is like a compass to sailors; it provides direction and helps with navigation.

These days, senior executives in organizations recognize and understand the importance of strategy formulation and execution. However, many admit their organizations fall short. According to a study conducted by the Economist Intelligent Unit in 2013, the average of failed strategic

8 12, 2016

Partnership Conference, Tools Further Collaboration and Interoperability

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Reflecting on the Infoway Partnership Conference last month, the major themes were collaboration and interoperability. There was also a reminder from a number of speakers to design software or standards in an environment where feedback is actively incorporated and a real-world problem is being solved. It was a great conference for me — I was able to finally meet with many people I’ve worked with virtually over conference calls. The impromptu conversations also may

24 11, 2016

Detecting Anomalies in Sound

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Let’s try to solve the problem of finding anomalies in sound. Microphones are the most common universal detectors, they are small, cheap, reliable and present in all cell phones. They can be used almost anywhere. Therefore, the problem of processing sound, not just speech, is in front of us right now. This is a classic example of attacking a low-hanging fruit problem.

Sound Anomaly Examples:

  • Engine malfunctions
  • Weather changes (rain, hail, wind)
  • Anomalies of the heart, stomach, and joints in
18 11, 2016

There is nothing standard about deviation, you don’t have to say yes though

We plan. We mitigate risk. We test. And Implement. However, more often than not there is deviation from the plan. Recently this effected a project that I was on so I felt compelled to write. There are reasons for deviation such as ambiguity allowing for scope creep or conflicting projects with different objectives. It is also unrealistic to expect any project to go 100% as planned.

The relationship between the project team and the client has to

17 11, 2016

Webinar – Why should I upgrade to SQL Server 2016?

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SQL Server 2016 represents the biggest leap forward in Microsoft data platform history. The recently released new version of SQL Server brings many exciting new features such as; an overhaul of Reporting Services, integration with big data platforms such as Hadoop using Polybase, predictive analytics with R, dynamic data masking and an overall tighter integration with cloud services.

The new functionality in SQL Server 2016 makes a very compelling business case to upgrade your data platform today.


8 11, 2016

Dynamics AX, it’s all gone sideways

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Left and right are the new up and down.

In the newest version of Microsoft Dynamics AX the view from the window reveals some lateral thinking. Menus, that in previous versions scrolled up and down have been replaced with lateral sliding tiles and menus.

Remember the module area pages in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 that expanded down on the screen as you open up the options? In Dynamics AX the menu expands from left to right as you

4 11, 2016

Victoria Power BI User Group – Established October 2016

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I am pleased to announce the formation of the Victoria Power BI User Group, an open group that anyone may join.

The group is a community of likeminded individuals who have an interest in analytics and are keen to learn the capabilities of Power BI and other related MS technologies. The group will meet once a month in-person and online to collaborate and share experiences, ideas as well as tips and tricks.

Meetings will occur the first