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15 09, 2016

Webinar: Making the leap to Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Dynamics 365 is Microsoft’s latest offering to deliver end to end business applications in the cloud. It combines Microsoft’s current CRM and ERP cloud options into a new integrated solution with purpose built apps that manage and support business functions and processes like finance, sales, project services and operations.

With more product options than ever before, the path to selecting the right technology for your organization can be a cumbersome journey.

This in-depth webinar explores the following:

  • Learn about why and how you should be building your 2017 roadmap to include Dynamics 365.
  • Discover new product features and where it fits in Microsoft vision for end-to-end intelligent business applications in the cloud.
  • Hear
25 08, 2016

Webinar: Assessing your cloud readiness capability

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Most organizations are moving their data or systems into the cloud. Those that haven’t yet, are thinking very hard about it. Many of those current or soon-to-be cloud adopters are asking themselves “how can we use the cloud safely and still realize the benefits of it”?

This webinar centers around 6 key aspects; application, infrastructure and enabling technologies, business and IT readiness, and most importantly, security, risk and compliance. Also shared are the lessons learned helping customers understand and manage the perceived risks of adopting the cloud.

This in-depth webinar explores the following:

  • The six aspects that Sierra Systems has identified as key to ensuring a viable cloud strategy.
  • The journey Sierra
25 08, 2016

Microsoft Cloud Platform Competency Achieved

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Sierra Systems has achieved its first Microsoft cloud gold competency, Cloud Platform and I couldn’t be happier. The Cloud Platform competency is a recognition of our commitment to Microsoft Azure.

The achievement and this crucial milestone highlights our continued pursuit of working and transacting in the cloud. To achieve this competency we were required to work with a number of clients who consume Microsoft Azure services and solutions in addition to achieving a number of certifications, and seek the approval of customers as references. It was this element, of working alongside clients consuming Microsoft cloud services, that was the key factor of our and their success in the Microsoft cloud.

18 08, 2016

Celebrating our success: The PMI Project of the Year at Alberta Parks

On June 6, 2016 Sierra Systems was joined by individuals representing Alberta Environment and Parks, and Silvacom Ltd. to the Project Management Institute – Northern Alberta Chapter (PMI-NAC) Project of the Year Awards. The Project of the Year Award recognizes the accomplishments of a project and the project team for superior performance and execution of exemplary project management. Sierra Systems was nominated and won Government Project of the Year.

About The Winning Project
Seven years have passed since an online centralized reservation and registration service, (RAP), was put in place for campers to use in the 2009 camping season. The system was developed to act as an

16 08, 2016

How to…. Assign SharePoint Farm Admin Rights to an Active Directory User Account

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When supporting an on-premises SharePoint environment SharePoint admin rights are normally given to the support administrator or the password of the SharePoint farm’s admin service account is shared with them. Some organizations have a policy of not sharing the service account password and instead provide similar rights to the support user’s admin account.

To generate a user as a SharePoint farm administrator, one who can complete all SharePoint server related tasks no matter if they are using the SharePoint Central Administration website or Windows PowerShell, you should follow these steps.

  1. Add the user or the group to the Local Administrators security group and WSS_ADMIN_WPG group for each server in the SharePoint farm.

  2. Add
16 08, 2016

Dynamics 365 Brings It All Together

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When we see people bundle up, we can safely assume that fall is near. Microsoft bundled up their CRM and ERP offerings a bit early this year, to be ready for the release of Dynamics 365 this fall. But what is Dynamics 365? And what choices are available? Let’s answer those questions in the blog below. Bundled up? Let’s go!

Dynamics 365 is Microsoft’s latest offering to deliver end to end business applications (apps) in the cloud. In essence it combines Microsoft’s current CRM and ERP cloud options into a new integrated solution with purpose built apps that manage and support business functions and processes like finance, sales, project services and

9 08, 2016

Microsoft Dynamics AX – Task Guides

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Task Recorder has long been a trustworthy companion throughout many versions of Microsoft Dynamics AX. In the latest version of AX there have been some useful extensions added. One of these new functions is titled ‘Task Guides’, I’ll cover this function in this blog post.

Task Recorder is a valuable tool to record tasks and processes in Microsoft Dynamics AX to create documentation or videos, which can then be used as training material or for working instructions.

In essence the Task Recorder has not changed. Creating a script (what, how, and in what order) is still preferred, start the task recorder and walk through the task or business process from within Microsoft

5 08, 2016

Microsoft a Gartner Leader in Cloud Computing (IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS)

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IDC considers 70% of CIOs to be embracing a cloud strategy this year, and recently Gartner named Microsoft Azure as a leader in its Magic Quadrant for Cloud IaaS (for third consecutive year!).

Azure continues to impress me as it has the largest cloud VMs and some of the best performance numbers. It supports 32 TB SAP HANA workloads that’s a lot! Azure is easily a world class cloud platform for Windows but it also provides industry-leading Linux support amongst other platforms too.

As Microsoft is the only vendor recognized as a leader across Gartner’s Magic Quadrants for IaaS, PaaS and SaaS solutions for enterprise cloud

14 07, 2016

Webinar: All About Web Application Development from A to Z

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A guide through the technology path of web application development

Are you a web application developer or just excited about web technologies? Effective modern web development is fun, and it requires a good understanding of a lot of technologies and terminology. How do you separate the current fad from the language of the future?

Our panel Sierra Systems experts guide you through the technology path of web application development. In this webinar we discuss key technologies and show case studies to help you make the decisions that will keep your web development alive for the years to come. We will also show some cool demonstrations, which will lead you to a better

22 06, 2016

Avoid List Workflow Copying Pitfalls, Simply

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A common problem SharePoint developers or power users encounter is a need to copy SharePoint Designer list workflows from one list to another in the same site collection or a different site collection.

I encountered this scenario, a need to copy multiple SharePoint Designer 2010 list workflows from different SharePoint libraries to a single library in the same site collection. This is a very common scenario for developers creating SharePoint Designer 2010 workflows in a SharePoint 2013 site. To add spice, my workflows had custom initiation and task forms which needed to be migrated as well.

Follow my steps below to copy a list workflow (along with custom InfoPath forms) from one