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18 11, 2016

There is nothing standard about deviation, you don’t have to say yes though

We plan. We mitigate risk. We test. And Implement. However, more often than not there is deviation from the plan. Recently this effected a project that I was on so I felt compelled to write. There are reasons for deviation such as ambiguity allowing for scope creep or conflicting projects with different objectives. It is also unrealistic to expect any project to go 100% as planned.

The relationship between the project team and the client has to

17 11, 2016

Webinar – Why should I upgrade to SQL Server 2016?

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SQL Server 2016 represents the biggest leap forward in Microsoft data platform history. The recently released new version of SQL Server brings many exciting new features such as; an overhaul of Reporting Services, integration with big data platforms such as Hadoop using Polybase, predictive analytics with R, dynamic data masking and an overall tighter integration with cloud services.

The new functionality in SQL Server 2016 makes a very compelling business case to upgrade your data platform today.


8 11, 2016

Dynamics AX, it’s all gone sideways

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Left and right are the new up and down.

In the newest version of Microsoft Dynamics AX the view from the window reveals some lateral thinking. Menus, that in previous versions scrolled up and down have been replaced with lateral sliding tiles and menus.

Remember the module area pages in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 that expanded down on the screen as you open up the options? In Dynamics AX the menu expands from left to right as you

4 11, 2016

Victoria Power BI User Group – Established October 2016

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I am pleased to announce the formation of the Victoria Power BI User Group, an open group that anyone may join.

The group is a community of likeminded individuals who have an interest in analytics and are keen to learn the capabilities of Power BI and other related MS technologies. The group will meet once a month in-person and online to collaborate and share experiences, ideas as well as tips and tricks.

Meetings will occur the first

13 10, 2016

Webinar – Securing cloud applications with multifactor security

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More and more organizations are moving to the cloud. After the initial first steps of creating a single sign-on system and the migration of on-premises Exchange to Microsoft’s Office 365 Exchange Online offering, many organizations struggle to come to terms with how to secure critical business information as it moves outside the corporate firewall.

Historically enterprise data has resided within the corporate firewall, and has been protected by complicated VPN solutions, firewall rules, and other remote access

12 10, 2016

Microsoft Dynamics AX on a USB stick

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Virtual machines (VM) have been provided by Microsoft over the last bunch of years to provide demo or technical evaluations for their products. The common problem has been performance, capacity requirements and technical acumen to get these things going. I’m sure many of us have run the gauntlet of determining how to achieve optimal performance, given the technology available at the time, using approaches that have included custom built machines with fast storage, evolving from USB

27 09, 2016

Microsoft Ignite – Day One

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Wow what a first day!

The Ignite experience couldn’t get any better, being surrounded by 23,000 Microsoft geeks ultimately with one goal in mind – returning to our employers with a head full of new knowledge on how to solve real business problems with the latest Microsoft technology with no regards for whether the solution is in production release from Microsoft, or the costs of implementation. If it’s new is cool – that’s the geek motto I

15 09, 2016

Webinar: Making the leap to Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Dynamics 365 is Microsoft’s latest offering to deliver end to end business applications in the cloud. It combines Microsoft’s current CRM and ERP cloud options into a new integrated solution with purpose built apps that manage and support business functions and processes like finance, sales, project services and operations.

With more product options than ever before, the path to selecting the right technology for your organization can be a cumbersome journey.

This in-depth webinar explores the following:

25 08, 2016

Webinar: Assessing your cloud readiness capability

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Most organizations are moving their data or systems into the cloud. Those that haven’t yet, are thinking very hard about it. Many of those current or soon-to-be cloud adopters are asking themselves “how can we use the cloud safely and still realize the benefits of it”?

This webinar centers around 6 key aspects; application, infrastructure and enabling technologies, business and IT readiness, and most importantly, security, risk and compliance. Also shared are the lessons learned helping customers

25 08, 2016

Microsoft Cloud Platform Competency Achieved

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Sierra Systems has achieved its first Microsoft cloud gold competency, Cloud Platform and I couldn’t be happier. The Cloud Platform competency is a recognition of our commitment to Microsoft Azure.

The achievement and this crucial milestone highlights our continued pursuit of working and transacting in the cloud. To achieve this competency we were required to work with a number of clients who consume Microsoft Azure services and solutions in addition to achieving a number of certifications, and